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I’ve been an enthusiast photographer since about the age of 10 when my father bought me a small 110 Hanimex camera. Despite that fact the camera and I took dreadful photos, I fell in love with photography. A few years later he bought me a Fujica AX1 35mm film SLR. It only had a standard 50mm lens but he had the AX5 model so I could use his lenses. I loved it. I bought as many rolls of film as my paper round money would stretch to.

In my late teens (around 1988) I developed a love affair with Nikon cameras with an F301 film body purchase. By now I was in full time employment with about 90% of my wages going on photography equipment. By the age of 25 I had a full setup of multiple film camera bodies, a full set of lenses and all the usual accessories. A large monochrome darkroom was also in full flow producing countless prize winning prints exhibited all over the world.

But digital cameras were starting to take hold. I have a real analogue love of film, just like vinyl records! But a few things changed. I got married, others things took priority and for about 10 years I lost my way with my photography. The darkroom had gone, the film cameras sold and a digital SLR purchased. I still took a lot of photos but not with the passion I had before. I still don’t love digital as much as film. A friend who takes wedding photos once said they normally take around 2000 digital images at a wedding. I was horrified that so little care seemed to be taken with the production of quality images – if I take enough photos, some must be good! But that’s what you can do with digital and I must confess that I appear to have developed a similar attitude. However I still don’t take that many photos and still find myself composing and thinking through the frame as though the value and capacity of 36 frames per roll were all I had to make great photos.

I have a real love of monochrome images. If I create a black and white image in Photoshop its because I visualised how it would look in monochrome at the time of taking. I don’t normally look through my archive of images wondering which look right in monochrome. About 80% of my images displayed on here have very little Photoshop manipulation… a little cropping, a little adjustment here and there and that’s all.

In 2015 I decided to refresh my interest in photography. Today I spend a lot of time travelling. A bit of a digital nomad. My photography and my web business are fully portable, just like me.

Today I’m taking a lot of travel images but also revisiting my passion for stylish portraiture, fashion and art nude.



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